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Our next general meeting is Thursday, January 8th at 5:45pm. It will be held at the SPOT House located at 830 S Spruce, Burlington. All are welcome. Come join the fun!

 Auction Meeting scheduled for January 7th at 6pm.

2015 Election Results
President: Teresa Letellier
Secretary: Beth Rathbun
Bookkeeper: Heidi Espe
Open Board Positions: Carolyn Patterson, Dusty Graham


Available volunteer jobs include: adoption counselors, cage cleaners, fund raising assistants, janitorial, landscaping, pet fosters. Click here to learn more.

Volunteer Coordinator -
We now have a volunteer coordinator, Sandy Skrabut. Click here to learn more about
volunteering and how to contact her if you are interested in joining us.



This sweet little fellow was found in a dumpster and immediately stole my heart. He was so thankful for food and warmth and purred continuously. He is a special kind of cat known as a COBBY. He has short, thick and strong legs with large paws. The body is low on the legs, broad and deep-chested. The shoulders and rump are equally massively built. The tail is thick and short, but is in proportion to the cobby body. Cobby has a round and massive-looking head with a broad skull, full cheeks and a thick, short neck. He is so amazingly small for his age. He can't jump with such short legs but does climb. He will never grow to be big and is a rare find. The Cobby breed is not common. He feels solid but really likes to lay on a heating blanket or heat register. It’s the easy life for him! He loves other cats in his fosters home and is a very loving kitty.. Price is $140.

November is Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month. Please consider adopting a senior! Puppies and kittens are adorable, but adopters might be surprised by how much work they require. Choosing an older pet over a younger one can be a smart choice. Seniors are typically more calm and less energetic than their younger counterparts. If you can't adopt, you can still help seniors in need by making a gift.

Usually, senior pets have lived in households their entire life, so they are housebroken, polite, and may even know a few tricks.
Mostly, they just want someone to love. If you can't adopt, please help us continue to save precious seniors' lives and make a gift today.

A Huge Thank You to Banfield for the $6,000 grant to our Sadie Fund! Visit them on their site to see all the great things they do!


This month we are asking for:

Bleach and Paper towels


Join our organization by downloading, printing and filling out our membership form(80k Adobe Acrobat format) and then mail it to us along with a check for $15 for an individual membership or $25 for a family membership or by using our secure PayPal connection.

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